About Hillybeer

In 2010 I decided to brew a beer. Well, it was very interesting at the beginning – there was no equipment in my “corner”, I had no experience, the only things that I had were malt, hop, yeast and water. So the first brewing process was a complete mess – there was no grain mill, only one mill that was ment to mill a wheat. You can imagine what the crushed malt looked like… It was like flour. So all the stages afterwards were the bad result of that “excellent” mill. At the end there was a fluid with a density like pate (check picture below and evaluate density, looks,…). And there were also some other mistakes in process, but it is enough to tell one big one.

The result of way too much crushed malt

So this was the first one, after this mess I decided to learn something about brewing. I have learned a few things, also I bought some equipment to make brewing even possible. So after this I startet to brew again. (In the picture below is the second brewing, at the stage of hops straining after boiling was done).  Well I can tell that I managed to brew a fine beer.

2nd try was already way better

And when I brewed it, I started to call my beer “Hillybeer”. And once I named my beer it is getting better and better!

But now I want to share the knowledge I got through years and lots of brewing days. I named those sites HOW TO, becouse if you are wondering how to brew, how to make an equipment at home, how to go through some process, you just click on link and and follow advices. I really hope you will get what you need!