HOW TO ? Calculations

When we come to calculations, there could become a problem, especially when some units are metric and other are US. Under this menu are some explinations that could be helpfull. I tried to make all examples simple and with both unit types (metric and US – it is colored also), so that you will be able to understand it very fast. Of course, you must understand I am a home brewer not an expert scientist, so some mistakes could occur. You should test the sistem and check if it fits to you. 

Just choose which parameter you want to calculate (above – menu Calculations).

Well you can find calculators and converters everywhere on the internet, but I think that you should understand a little bit of calculating procedure before. It is nice to know what approximately is important in calculations.
But of course, once you know what is what, it is stupid to do all the math by foot. In this case you can use all the calculators and converters on the internet, very usefull.