Immersion Wort Chiller

Why? To cool down the wort as fast as we can!

To make immersion wort chiller we need:

Level 1: this is more consumable option, but cheaper to make it.

  • 5 m / 16,4 feet soft copper tubing (outer diameter of tubing is 8 mm / 0.31 inch) – find it in plumbing store
  • 2 m / 6,56 feet plastic tubing (inner diameter is 8 mm / 0,31 inch)
  • 3 house clamps
  • 1 female hose fitting

—Material; Tools—

So, take your copper tubing, find a bucket/vessel, that has diameter smaller than your kettle and bent around it.
Then attach half (or as you wish) of plastic tubing on one side and another one to another side (so they are more flexible) and mount them with house clamps.  Attach female hose on one plastic tubing side.
Video is here: 

And working:


Level 2: is just an upgrade of first level. We save the water here. So we need all the previous material plus:

  • 0,5 m / 1,77 feet plastic tubing (inner diameter is 8 mm / 0,31 inch) – many stores
  • bucket for water cooling
  • 3 angle brackets
  • wooden board (dimension depends on bucket that you will use)
  • water pump
  • 10 wooden screws
  • 6 screws + 6 nuts

After first step, we will upgrade immersion chiller. Follow the video:


Watch video for better understanding of Immersion Chiller (upgraded) working :


As the video presents you, you need water and a lots of ice for cooling the water that cools the wort with help of Immersion Wort Chiller. The time for cooling the wort depends on the water temperature that you use for cooling – more ice, faster cooling.

So, are you ready to chill your wort ?