Malting is the process at which the raw grain is converted into malt. Homebrewers usually skip this step, becouse this step is long, it uses a lots of area and nevertheless you can buy malt almost everywhere…

But fast description:
1. STEEPING: raw grain is soaked in water to bring the moisture up (48 hours),

2. GERMINATION: the grain starts to germinate (4 to 5 days),

3. KILNING: As soon the roots are grown, we need to dry it with hot air to prevent roots to grow more. After this is done we need to roll over, mix the grain so it loses the roots,

4. ROASTING: We can roast malt at different temperatures at different time schedule. If we use higher temperature the malt will be more roasted (taste, flavor, smell) and it will have lower sugar potential.

For example, we will try to malt at home – follow the video: