Magnet stir Plate (for yeast starter)

Why ? To prepare nice yeast starter that will be in great shape!

To make Magnet Stir plate we need:

  • plastic CD cover
  • electrical motor unit (from some old CD unit)
  • wooden plate
  • wooden boards
  • power adapter
  • magnet (from old CD unit)
  • 4 screws
  • 4 smaller screws for attaching CD cover
  • LED light
  • aux port

And Tools:


So, we can find magnet in some old computer (HDD)

 so, open it   and here is the magnet  also you can fint this electrical motor in some old CD unit next glue magnet on plastic head which is already on motor 

Ok, we can find more interesting things in old computers, so we can take also LED light and AUX port: